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About Giclée Printing 

Giclée printing, pronounced "Gee-clay", is generally acknowledged to be the best way to reproduce fine art paintings

High resolution digital images are carefully colour corrected before printing onto specially prepared, acid free watercolour paper. Pigmented archival inks are used with a fade resistance in excess of 75 years.

Giclée reproductions are more accurately matched to the original painting than older methods such as litho. In addition, substrates with textured surfaces are available to match the original artwork, in fact it's often difficult to see the difference between original and copy.

There is no need to print large quantities. Reproductions can be supplied singly or in small batches as and when required. Further prints remain accurate to the original even after months or years between printing.

The artist has the option to sell small editions making each copy
more exclusive, collectable and valuable.

Painting by Alice Instone

Featured Reproduction:
Hollywood by Alice Instone
More examples of Alice's work can be found on her website