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About Copyright

You must be the creator or legal copyright holder. The copyright of a painting remains with the artist even after the original work has been sold. The only exception to this is when the artist signs a written agreement to sell the copyright.

Paintings by deceased artists - in the UK, an artist's copyright ends once a period of 70 years have elapsed following the year in which the artist died. Reproduction is then permitted with the exception of works that were not published at the time of the artist's death.

Terms and Conditions

It is a precondition that the customer is the copyright owner of all originals supplied for reproduction and that Digital Editions will not be liable for any legal action incurred as a result of copyright infringement.

Every effort will be made to ensure the safety and condition of all originals, but no liability can be accepted for loss or damage howsoever caused. Owners are therefore advised to ensure adequate insurance cover.

All prints remain the property of Digital Editions until payment is made in full. Payment for copying is required in advance.